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alligator inflatable costume

If you’re ever in a plane crash, you could use it as a flotation device. If you’re looking for a convincing Frankenstein costume this Halloween, this isn’t it. Looking for More Online Deals? Look for military uniforms, sports gear, and more. They look like restaurant bibs on some of these older kids. Since invading Area 51 is definitely not a good idea, the next best thing to an alien encounter is probably this hilarious Halloween costume that makes it look like you’re actually being kidnapped by one. Their friends will be amazed at what’s keeping the whole thing afloat, and you can feel smug that scoring such a fabulous costume was a total breeze. The best thing about these funny costumes is that they’re totally hassle-free. You’ll also find some fun favorites: the adult baby, the fried egg, the gnome, and even an entire range of funny inflatable costumes. We can help you brand your business with fun promotions that tell people about what your brand is all about. Just one prick and your whole night could be ruined with a flat-faced dinosaur that makes people laugh for all the wrong reasons. Created from the DNA of multiple unknown dinosaurs and spliced with amphibian DNA the Indominus Rex is a scary dinosaur that makes an incredible Halloween costume.

Like the pro football and cozy baby costumes, this has multiple variations. Looking like a zombified science project seeking revenge, this full-body suit is an easy way to scare everyone (including yourself should you look in the mirror while wearing it). This costume is, however, a great way to look like Frankenstein’s famous creature creation. The cosplay costume is Self-inflates in seconds with air pump. This cool, yet unfriendly, green and red spotted reptilian constrictor simply hangs over your shoulders and self-inflates in seconds to create a really humorous effect. Just cut out a simple Superman stencil then add some red food coloring to spray butter before toasting in a sandwich maker. The Horse and Jockey Inflatable Costume consists of red and white spotted jockey shirt, white jockey cap and inflatable horse with fan to inflate the costume and is now available from Ireland’s No.1 online costume shop. Keep the fan running the whole time youre in the Jabba costume. Keep reading to shop it and see videos of the costume in action. This inflatable jetpack costume is made from 100% polyester with zipper closure to get you in and out easily. We started out to build a one bedroom starter house which turned into a villa with pool.

I rigged this again in the same way for Halloween and wore this while I passed out candy in front of our house. They’re a cost efficient, yet extremely effective, way to get people to notice and have fun with your brand! Whether up on the ceiling, stuck on the walls or just strung up behind the furniture, party balloons inject the extra element of fun into any party. These costumes usually cover the entire body and could be a little cumbersome to wear for a longer time, so you should wear them only if you have the patience to wear them all through the party. I have no memory of Kooky Spooks costumes. “My kids love dinosaurs and they were thrilled with these costumes. Because we love costumes and because we wanted a more authentic look, plus size inflatable t rex costume we went with the more expensive version. Best Inflatable Costumes in Details1. Find best value and selection for your fancy dress blow up inflatable santa father christmas suit reindeer costume search on eBay. Officially licensed Ghostbusters fancy dress, great for Halloween and other occasions. Who will you go as to your next fancy dress party? She made this outfit to fit my daughter, who obviously really got into her role as Veruca Salt.

It fit over the bulk of my costume just fine, but I would have had to cut it much higher in order for the green tshirt to cover it completely on the bottom. Have a newborn or little baby? The short little capes may have been their demise. Plus, you can unzip or take it off completely for a little while and then put it back on and become a T-Rex again in a matter of minutes. A funny costume is an absolute winner no matter the occasion. From our Funny Costumes range. Be brave and brighten up your next social event with one of these funny costumes. Head to our inspiration page for funny group costume ideas (we can help you get inspired for bachelor parties too). There’s a selection of funny animal costumes too, and more step-in costumes than you can shake a stick at – dinosaur piggyback ride, womens clown costume anyone?

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