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giant inflatable t rex costume

The Inflatable dinosaur costume is all the rage nowadays and what better way for yinz to be the life of the party than by showing up in one of these suits! The next Viral Sensation They’re all the rage. She used broccoli as ‘low lying indigenous vegetation’, string cheese and spinach for ‘the tree’, grapes as ‘coconuts’, cheddar cheese as ‘the sun’, and dinosaur chicken nuggets as ‘nuggetus dinosaurus’. A lot of food markets sell dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets but go the extra mile and arrange them on a platter like this dinosaur foodscape created by Michelle at Muffin Tin Mom. Use a mixture of square and rectangular white plates to present food on. Then line each plate with one of these plastic tropical leaves from supplier 3 and arrange some small plastic dinosaurs around the plates and over the tabletop. I recommend these disposable Premium Plastic Plates (below left and center, from supplier 1), they’re great value and look really stylish. It’s a great way to make the dish a bit more healthy by sneaking in some veggies.

These personalized postage stamps are a really great way to embellish your birthday invitations. Our Inflatable T-Rex Ride On Costume is a great new addition to your inflatable dinosaur costume collection which we all know you are cultivating. If your budget permits, there are a couple of huge 6ft T-Rex stand ups would add a really dramatic element to your decorations. If they have gaps, the air will flow right out of your suit and the effect of the inflatable T-Rex will be greatly diminished. Any inflatable costume will feature elastic cuffs at the ankles and wrists in order to keep the air inside as much as possible. It’s been donned by a meteorologist on air during a weather report. Preferably, you would unzip the costume and tape the damage from the inside to help make sure it’s not noticeable. Since the tail drags the ground and, in general, your costume will get quite a bit of abuse, it’s worth finding one that will last far beyond your first party. If you want to bake your own birthday cake, there are a couple of different pans available that would work well with these dinosaur party ideas.

Here are a couple of recipes for creating dinosaur eggs. It’s packed with lots of kooky recipes for kids from someone who regularly plays with her food. Alternatively, if you’re not using some the recipes above such as the mashed potato volcanoes or the baked potato dinosaurs, consider making a few up to use as tray decorations. This baking sheet contains 8 dinosaur shaped baking cups (below left) which are perfect for making Dino treats. Alternatively, you can use these cute fossil baking cups (below right). For some more sweet treats try these fossil cookies (below left, by Martha Stewart) or for a younger kids birthday, these cute green dinosaur cookies(below right, by Robin Werner on Taste of Home. It’s been said that everyone needs a tuxedo, but in today’s world, you’ll probably get more use out of a dino suit than a dinner jacket. If you want a more substantial main course along a similar line, try these potato volcanoes with meatball sauce (left, from Love Potatoes)—or swap the meatballs sauce for chilli to make it more like lava. I love this recipe from Disney Family Fun for Swamp Juice.

Alternatively, check out this recipe for Tomato Soup with Boney Grissini (below, by Susan at Diamonds for Dessert) which could easily be renamed Molten Lava Soup with Dinosaur Bones. Serve the soup in shot glasses. If you don’t want to serve these to eat, you could still make one or two as decoration to arrange on the corner of food trays and serving platters. Serve green colored milkshakes or this Key Lime-Banana Smoothie from Betty Crocker, scary halloween costumes for boys which can easily be renamed as Dinosaur Juice. Make Volcano Punch by combining 3 quarts of pineapple juice and 2 x 6 ounce cans of frozen limeade concentrate in a punch bowl. When the kids are gathered around the table add 2 quarts of ginger ale to the punch bowl and a scoop of fruit sherbet to each glass for some extra fizz. Freeze some gummi dinosaurs from supplier 3 into ice cubes the night before and add to each glass. When the lava melts the ice, the dinosaurs will float to the top of their drink. It will also double as a photobooth backdrop later.

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