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Even when they’re just performing a normal Google search they can be exposed to shocking or inappropriate images. “I didn’t even buy it for Halloween. Whether it’s for an Oktoberfest celebration or a Sound of Music-inspired Halloween costume (or both) this lederhosen ensemble, available in men’s sizes small to XL, should serve you well. The T-rex and Velociraptor have optional sound effects, which is great if running around making screeching sounds at the neighborhood kids is your idea of Halloween entertainment. Bring your fave dino back from extinction for one night only with this larger-than-(human)-life inflatable costume, in your choice of Pteranodon, Triceratops, T-rex, or Velociraptor. And to complete the Willy Wonka costume, you’ll need these white, retro sunglasses. The overdress also comes in varying shades of blue, green, pink, purple, white, and black. One of Amazon’s most popular costumes is this set of flapper accessories, which comes with a long strand of faux pearls, a cigarette holder, fingerless gloves, and a feathered headdress. You don’t need to get one for you and the special spud in your life, as the one-size-fits-all costumes can be sold separately (though, weirdly, it’s a little cheaper to get the couple set than the individual one).

Reviewers say that, for the price, it’s hard to outmatch the quality of the set. Reviewers say it fits people who are five feet tall, people who are over six feet tall, and everyone in between. Captain America is a superhero who is featured in Marvel Comics and has quite a distinguished past. Reviewers love that the spandex fabric feels high-quality and responds well to vigorous movement, just like a superhero costume should. Halloween is a fantastic excuse to broadcast your inner superhero to the world—and this simple t-shirt, with a cape attached, is an effective, comfortable way to do so. Reviewers say the dress is true to size, great quality, and, in addition to dressing for Halloween and Oktoberfest, is a hit at German weddings. There’s always money in the banana stand, and, by the law of food-based anthropomorphization (that’s a law, right?), this banana costume is sure to be a hit. It’s comprised of a large polyester, one-size-fits-all banana suit, but you can match it with any item of clothing to make it as warm or, depending on what you’re into, as sexy as you’d like. This goofy banana suit is easy to wear and great for a getting laughs.

No matter which version of Spider-Man you choose to be, the suit is sure to be a hit. Easily master the Peter Parker (or Miles Morales, of last year’s Into the Spiderverse) look with this spandex Spider-Man suit. Choose from the classic comic book-style Spider-Man or go for a darker, edgier style reminiscent of the more recent movies. Ideal for stage performances, costume parties, Halloween and more! In addition to Halloween and Oktoberfest, autumn marks the beginning of what, to some, is equally (or more) important: renaissance festival season. Accompanying Idea: Grab a couple of friends and dress up as doctors, nurses and other essential workers whose sacrifices we couldn’t be more grateful for. Oktoberfest and Halloween fall oh-so-conveniently in the same month, so if you celebrate both, you can do so with just one costume: a dirndl, or a traditional Austrian and German two-piece peasant-style dress. If you are one of those people—or just feel inspired to put together an Outlander costume for Halloween this year—you’ll want this dress.

You’ll have to get the flapper dress separately, but Amazon has many of those, too—or head to a thrift store and pick out the best fringed, drop-waist frock you can find. Pair it with a yellow shirt and a pair of jeans and you’ll be the spitting image of Woody. It comes with a yellow headband, which makes it easy to create a low-key, even office-appropriate costume when paired with some jeans. Kids on their end-of-the-school-year high are the big focus at Summerfest, with bouncy obstacle courses and houses and games and even a water slide! One will notice while navigating this challenging motorcycle route that this historic road provides its guests a combination of rock formations, waterfalls, scenic Ozark mountain views, and Mulberry River water attractions. Swing your hips, curl your lip, and blast your favorite classic rock ‘n’ roll song to get ready for this Elvis-esque jumpsuit, which has wide bell bottoms, and an unmistakable swagger.

Includes: Full body inflatable jumpsuit, battery operated fan, and safety light. Battery operated self contained blower operates on 4 AA batteries not included. Though, the costume requires 4 AA batteries for the fan as it does not include any with your purchase. This awesome Jurassic World Inflatable T Rex Costume also comes in adult sizes. These Indominus Rex outfits are officially licensed Jurassic World costumes. The T. rex costume is an officially licensed Jurassic World costume. Stomp up a Jurassic Park-inspired storm in this blow-up costume. This Woody costume includes a hat, vest, star badge, and bandanna. With these choice 1920s-style accessories—including suspenders, a hat, a plastic cigar, a pocket watch, and a bow tie—you’ll have the opportunity to look the part of Jay Gatsby or an old-timey gangster with ease. It comes with suspenders, a detachable bib, a floppy white shirt, knee socks, and feathered cap. The tee comes in women’s sizes XS to 2X, which runs slightly small, according to reviewers. It comes in one size, which reviewers say fit most people, but may be snug if you have wide shoulders.

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