Empoli vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | Serie A | CBS Sports Golazo

Empoli clinched their permanence in Serie A thanks to a last-gasp goal versus Sampdoria. Juventus throttled Cremonese for their third victory on the trot.

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42 respuestas a «Empoli vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | Serie A | CBS Sports Golazo»

  1. Juventus is best best best best best team in italy…. in the world… in the universe

  2. that's not a pen man…

  3. Sandro is just total dog shite for Juve. If i was in charge, that guy would never see a juve jersey again. And Bremer would be on the hot seat.

  4. It’s not fair! Empoli actually has a coach with tactics

  5. "Emploli wiped the floor with juventus" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. 1:41 a DEISICASA as they call it here in Italy? a deisicata, what is it exactly?!!!


  8. I cannot tell you how much I love seeing underdogs win in this sport

  9. I am ashamed, these players need to go to work in a coal mine

  10. I’m embarrassed to be a Juventus fan.

  11. Juventus needs to banned all of mafia tie to its club.

  12. Honestly, it’s not Juventus! Allegri’s best was CL final, that’s it. Even being Inter fan, I still want to see competitive Juventus. It’s fair Juve will not be among CL teams next year, there will be enough time to build real team

  13. Fire the manager!!😡

  14. If only Empoli had played with this fire from the beginning of the season ….

  15. Finally, a season where Juventus gets punished by not getting Champions League football

  16. Grazie mille Empoli 😅❤🖤

  17. You da homie, Empoli. From everyone in Milan.

  18. Cada ves q pierde la juve me dan 5 años más de vida 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Always feel good when the Cheaters lost!

  20. I actually feel happy seeing all these players like Vlahovic and Chiesa who joined Juventus thinking they would win trophies now struggling to survive. These players sunbbed all other teams and blindely joined Juve and are now not even worth 1/2 the price they were sold for.

  21. Juventus need ALOT of work to do

  22. Wow Empoli beat the snot out of Juventus! 🤕

  23. Absolutely atrocious from the team today. Allegri needs to go he can’t get anymore out of this team. It’s just paper over cracks at this point

  24. Keep the momentum going juve, milan needs you.

  25. Yo, when I saw Rabiot with Juventus Captain band!!!! I checked out. It has become more painful to watch than any kind of joy. Ciao old lady, hasta la próxima

  26. When they realized they got hit with another point deduction before kickoff, you can see how it broke them.

    If Juventus are really guilty, then fans should start questioning the clubs ethics.

    I would be fuming at seeing all these players work for nothing because the club’s been cheating them.

  27. Ahora que dicen los animales que están con el tal Allegri. Que vergüenza

  28. @dings is going thru it 😂

  29. Hugs and high fives all around for the Empoli players from this Milan fan! ❤🖤 We owe you one for this.

  30. Botte da orbi per la Vecchia befana quando mi di spiace 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. 23 may, 1996: Juventus beats Ajax and becomes CL winner 2nd time in history.

    23 may, 2023: Empoli 4-1 Juventus…

  32. Grazie Empoli, Grazie corte d'appello!❤🖤

  33. Had said this before. As a coach u have to know your players so well to know when it’s actually not their day. Alex was horrible today. Why didn’t you change him
    After the second goal cause by him? Why have to wait till after second half. With Alex is either he is stable and playing or he is not stable and doing horrible mistakes at the back. Allegri was supposed to change him very early and not wait till 50 or 60 mins of playing time when u know you don’t have time

  34. Juv midfeild first half was just trash apart from locatelli. And why they hell will u change him and put D maria in his spot who will only end up running forward causing a hold at te back. Since when did D maria play a defensive midfielder.. damm Allegri put players in their dam favorite position.

  35. A perfect match to realize how important Danilo is for this team. Man of the match was Szczesny. He did his best. Empoli needed to win this match so they were going to give it their all so why not make chnage after the second goal. Just crazy

  36. Bremer is a kind of player who doesn’t really do well under pressure same with Alex. Now with Danilo out who is always the one who calms down the defense and seeing how horrible the first 15mins was it was necessary to make a chnage in that defence.

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