I Rebuild Juventus in FIFA 23! 🔥

In this exhilarating FIFA 23 Career Mode series, we embark on a mission to restore Juventus to their former glory following the club’s scandals and a 10-point deduction. Join us as we navigate the challenges, rebuild the squad, and aim to bring the prestigious Champions League trophy back to Turin.

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Witness the meticulous planning, strategic signings, and tactical brilliance as we transform Juventus into a formidable force once again. With the acquisition of stars like Neymar Jr and the resurgence of Paul Pogba, we assemble a star-studded team that combines experience and raw talent.

Experience the highs and lows as we compete in the fiercely contested Serie A, battling against fierce rivals and overcoming the odds. Every match is a battleground where our managerial decisions and player performances make all the difference in our quest for domestic success.

But our ultimate goal lies in conquering Europe. Watch as we take on the best clubs in the Champions League, pitting our revamped squad against the continent’s finest. With the likes of Neymar Jr and Paul Pogba leading the charge, we aim to etch our names in the history books as champions of Europe.

Off the pitch, we’ll navigate the intricacies of managing a club, making calculated transfer decisions, handling the fallout from past scandals, and fostering a winning culture. Witness the transformation of the Allianz Stadium into a fortress where our loyal fans rally behind us, providing the extra motivation needed to overcome any obstacle.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we embark on a Juventus redemption in FIFA 23 Career Mode. Experience the drama, the passion, and the pursuit of glory as we aim to restore the pride of one of Italy’s most iconic clubs.

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  1. Do a Newcastle series, they have many good players and after gaining 500 million it would be good!

  2. Hi brother pls rebuild Manchester United

  3. Hey could you do a RB Leipzig rebuild?

  4. W content brother – keep at it !!!

  5. Make a youth academy only rebuild!!!

  6. Can you put royal sporting club anderlecht and making them the best in belgium again and make the european champions

  7. In the next rebuild to rcd Espanol

  8. Wrexham Pls that better then this wrexham career mode

  9. Good bro,forza juve fino alla fine😊🎉

  10. Next better be malaga or i eat my hat

  11. to easy. boring, to many cuts. nothing special. Your rebuilds is so boring…amateur
    everyone wants career mode, but you go with "rebuilds" if u call it like that…. ZzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzz

  12. When is the Wrexham career mode resuming?

  13. Is it going to be another big club for the next rebuild or no?

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