TIMOTHY WEAH | Welcome To Juventus 2023? ⚪⚫ | Insane Speed, Goals, Skills & Assists (HD)

Timothy Weah – Lille – 2022/2023 ➠ World Of Football
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38 respuestas a «TIMOTHY WEAH | Welcome To Juventus 2023? ⚪⚫ | Insane Speed, Goals, Skills & Assists (HD)»

  1. TIMOTHY WEAH! Juventus are in advanced talks to sign Timothy Weah, as per reports. Enjoy! – WOF

  2. Non voglio extvacomunitavi nella mia squadva!!

  3. Very talented, and lots of potential to be a superstar.

  4. Weah has weaknesses but crossing aint one of them lol. That's why he's seen as a Cuadrado replacement, because of his crossing

  5. I have literally seen people in wheelchairs play football better than him.

  6. weakness crossing is the biggest stretch ive seen lmao

  7. Positions: LB, LW, ST, RW, RB

  8. Crossing isn’t a weakness of his.

  9. Pointless signing…can’t defend, does not have much end product and surely his career will be ruined by that donkey Allegri…

  10. Timothy Weah is a great talent but he continues to play football from the academy books and afraid to express his talent as his mind leads him to . He needs to play with more responsibility ,he needs to look at the football game like the English language to express himself just how when journalists as him question he can express himself with look at book.

  11. Io non sono Juventino ma se è anche solo la metà forte come suo padre…la Juve ha fatto il colpaccio

  12. time will tell,serie A is def stronger than ligue 1 so we will see if he can adapt

  13. Con Allegri scordatevi tutto

  14. allegriout.. farebbe meglio a darsi all'ippica😂😂😂 di corto muso vi farà fallire

  15. as long as he is not a blunder factory like cuadrado or sandro, im fine.

    he is cheap tho

  16. What a class man? Just like his daddy

  17. Il padre da sempre tifosissimo della Juventus nonostante giocò nel Milan . Speriamo il figlio sia il nostro futuro

  18. Non capisco perché comprare lui quando in rosa hai Illing jr…

  19. Allegri will destroy him too…

  20. Ia he good a quarter of his father?

  21. giocatore ancora troppo acerbo, sembra promettere bene….

  22. Left – iling jr, right – t weah👍👍

  23. Weah veloce e nei contrasti di gioco e formidabile può diventare un campione e crescere e superare il padre

  24. Figlio del grande George magari vedremo suo papà in tribuna all'Alianz Stadium. Daje tutta, certo sarà da vedere se potrà migliorare e crescere nella Juve, spero non sia un nuovo Elia…

  25. We need to see how he play in his own half rather than opponent half to make it realistic for juve fan

  26. "Weaknesses: crossing" is insane and insanely wrong. One of the best crossers from the wing out there. Will be perfect as a wingback swinging balls in to big strikers

  27. Illing Jr is also FIRE!

  28. Benvenuto alla Juventus al posto di Cuadrado

  29. Allegri is the real ruine of Juventus

  30. Benvenuto …Allegri out

  31. He may not be world class but good pace on the wings is exactly what we're missing in this team.

  32. Con allegri farà il terzino

  33. Non ho visto manco un gol comunque… L unica azione da gol l ha sbagliata

  34. Vedremo..George un altra cosa..il mio Giorgione Weah

  35. 29 games, 0 goals this year, great forward

  36. He looks decent, but can he play like this in Serie A, which is far more difficult league than the french?!

    Only time will tell. I hope he continues developing himself, but with Allegri as a coach my hopes are minimal.

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