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Ciao Juventini of the world!
What are the Italian & International sport papers saying about our beloved Juventus?
• Matias Soulé with his new haircut
• Too many players. Entry mercato blocked

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  1. Next Gen currently become our problems. first of all they played in pretty lower level in Serie C. Need a push to get promotion to Serie B. The quality produced from Next gen not really up to youngster that become elite at young age make them low interesting offer from outside while we dont have slot in first team.

    If I have the control of all the Exor capital, I will buy at least 4 clubs from England, Spain, France and Germany in lower level 2nd or 3rd division. This way we will have extensive scouting department. We can easily send players between clubs to balance the power in search for each clubs traget (promotion or winning silverware)

  2. Since we sold our boy de ligt our defense went to pieces

  3. Are we building a team for the future or we are building a team just for next season? Cus you look at other teams Real, Barca, City etc. and the youngsters they are keeping for the future and you look at Juve wanting to sell their youngsters and core players for next seasons scudetti and it makes it clear that Juve is not a serious club …Is Juve being managed by Interisti??

  4. Juventus has become a shit club with no money! Look at PL clubs (City, Newcastle), they have unlimited fonds. United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool has some money as PL clubs have so much advantage to be in the most broadcasting league in the world. PSG despite to be in ligue 1 has also unlimited money. And finally Bayern manages to spend smartly. Therefore Juventus is getting behind every top clubs. Even Spurs will become better than them soon. Real and Barcelona will soon suffer as they need to keep their league interesting and perform in UCL but if they don't players will start to prefer other destination. To recap, they are now 11 clubs before Juventus in terms of attraction. And Juve will not recover from that because this club will increase their reputation more and more with the time as they have the finance to do it. Behind Juventus, there are Inter, Atletico Madrid, Milan,…which have the same issues. I am sorry but I don't want anymore to support a club which has fallen behind the 10 best clubs in the world. I only support top clubs. Support Juve is no more glorifying.
    Juventus's image = shit club with shit management and shit coach. If Vlahovic goes to PSG! Look at their team with their new coach! WOW! That's a top club which when things go badly know how to change it. I am so angry to JUVENTUS, that I want them to lose everything! You make me sick! 🤮

  5. Honestly we got a full month it’s all good.

  6. I really like your jersey,

  7. The problem right now is not the fact we are unable to sign players, but we are unable to sell

  8. That's absolutely hilarious that Soule shaved his head😂😂 angel was telling the truth LOL.

  9. I need all the chuckles i can take while i cope with another dreadful mercado lol

  10. Peppe is 1 billion not 1 million

  11. 4:16 -> 01/06/2023 23:05: "Rate the mercato – you'll give max 6/10 .. !" . Follow the lives and you'll get all the info 😀 !

  12. G, best shirt ever today

  13. It is frustrating how Juve draws a very hard line, communicating extremely clearly when moving on from club legends like Buffon, Del Piero, and Marchisio. But when it comes to dead weight like Alex Sandro and Szczeny, it's like oh you don't want to leave, it's ok you can stay as long as you want even though you're worth 1/3 of your salary. The club and manager even help them meet their automatic renewal clauses. I would applaud the club naming and giving a timetable for the future starting goalkeeper this summer as they did with Buffon when signing Szczeny

  14. wasnt it only last season that chelsea bid 100-120 mil for chiesa? to sell him for 50 is a big blow, even tho he hasnt played for the majority of this season i think we can all agree that there is something magnificent in him

  15. Honestly nothing exciting in this mercato no links with good players just rumours about good players leaving juventus like bremer, chiesa, dusan extra

  16. The reality is selling will be a monumental task. When you have many old bangers (cars) with broken tail lights, engine leaking and brakes not working, who will want to buy… West Ham are slow walking it with Zak and rightly so as there are no other offers. Arthur is on wages that no sane club will touch. McKennie is over weight, and even the Leeds fans knew this. Saudi Arabian clubs will never touch Roberto King Carlos Sandro. If DV is sold, lets be honest, it will be at a loss considering what was paid to Fiorentina. If Al- Hilal can spend £40M on SMS, why are Juve even thinking of offloading Pogbroken for £10M just to compensate for not making a loss… Al- Nassr paid £18M for Brozo who is older but yes better. However it indicates a worrying trend in terms of business sense or lack there of any. They would pay a lot more if given the chance, but even they know they can play cheap with Juve.

  17. Kaio Jorge deserves his chance. I hope he can stay and play important minutes off the bench. Sending him back to Brazil will be a waste of time and stunt his growth. If you have to loan him out it better be to another serie a team for first team playing time to grow and become great.

  18. If Juve can’t compete with the EPL or teams in other leagues financially, then that makes the U19 and Next Gen teams so much more important. Sell the dead weight and concentrate on developing our youth.if we need to start developing 20 Marchisios to compete in the future, then so be it.

  19. I don’t care about Juve money problems if they don’t get these sales done. They should be pushing Pogba out. Biggest waste of money on the squad These are self inflicted wounds

  20. We need to sell players! It’s not Guntoli fault! It’s simple we have many player’s that we don’t need and they take money from the team! The team spend like 40m only in payment’s for them! My opinion is to sell all this player’s and to invest attacking Midfielder like Koopmeiners and in a full LB! And if they sell Vlahovic let them buy David from Lile! Attacking winger’s we have alot! Yildiz Kostic Iling LW Soule Chiesa RW

  21. If we can't buy New player it's not Giuntolli's fault that's why Juventus sign him in a long term project. The last board made too many mistakes and we are paying the consequences

  22. We can not be angry on Saudi Arabia for buying players and most of them are older players with some exceptions of course,
    IF we get the money and invest in the youth system and in building better structure for Italian football but if we get the money to buy done players and average or below average players from all around the globe, then we are basically burning the money and getting no where but paying some huge salaries for people in the upper management. This is the fear that Italian football is facing!

  23. Beppe, please pogbas visit at J medical today what's happening? Possible injury again?

  24. Selling Vlahovic for €70-80m is selling in a good way? I don't think so…. Try €90 – 100 to money bags PSG and the EPL clubs.

  25. Get Kamada fr free 👍

  26. But… what happened to this ital Juve?…. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  27. Love the new style of thumbnail

  28. Juventus is still suffering from spending money to plug the leaky boat when we were still winning scudetti every year. If we don’t clean up roster now , than when. Sell the pieces we don’t need first then we buy pieces that fit and if not the younger players will get more playing time.

  29. Juve need to kick out a lot of these washed players. Kick out our washed coached. Depressing that our good players are rumoured to leave but shiters like Sandro Danilo mds etc are here to stay! This is the problem

  30. If pogba performers good he will be sold in January to Saudi for $45 million because they do love him , pogba is a player that saudi will appropriate it ..

  31. I would ne interested in the Money juve get by a transfer of pogba

  32. I think we will end up selling both Chiesa and Vlahovic. May be even Bremer. Just wait and watch

  33. I think that Giutoli will tell Allegri to form a team with the available players we currently have. We might sell a few (particularly Zakkaria and Weston and probably loaning Arthur and Miretti) but I think that Vlahovic, Chiesa, Iling Jr and Bremer will remain. I do not think that we will buy any new players apart from Weah even though we really need to enforce our left and right back.

  34. Max to soule: remove that blonde color or we sell you 😂😂😂

  35. Since Chelsea, PSG and Spurs are getting closer and closer to Dušan, I think Juve should already start to approach Jonathan David more as a possible Vlahović replacement. (Just in case Dušan leaves) I don't think Scamacca is good enough.

  36. When selling is so slow, after that we buying player on market, i dont know what can happen by that time, yes..panic buying… And we will repeat the history, buying the wrong player… 😢

  37. We can make much money with these players! 🖤🤍♥️

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